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Hey there all, the National Dex OU Council has been watching the metagame for a while now following the no ban result on Tera, and subsequent quickbans on Magearna, Chien Pao, Regieleki, and Melmetal and thought now would be a fantastic time to gauge community reception on the tier, as well as ask the player base what they believe the issues in the tier are.

The link to the first player survey can be found here.

The survey will be up for around a week, so make sure you share your opinions as the information we glean from these surveys is used to help us with future tiering action and helps dictate the direction of the metagame as a whole!
Hey there all, thank you to everyone who replied to the survey. We got a great turnout of 222 responses to the survey, and since responses were slowing down a lot, we decided to close off responses early so that we could discuss the findings and prepare a potential suspect test ready for the weekend.

We decided not to separate the responses into qualified and unqualified this time around as we have had very few tours to gauge who would actually be included in the former. Without further ado, lets have a look at the results of the survey.

The average response to how enjoyable do you find the metagame was around 7.11, this is a little lower than most of our past answers to this question and definitely lower than I would expect for a brand new generation when people are experimenting with all of the new additions. That being said there are some very obvious issues and a lot of controversial points in the metagame right now so we did expect this to be a little lower. Hopefully we can bring it up in the near future.

The average response to how balanced do you find the metagame was just 5.97, meaining that the majority of people are finding the metagame to be unbalanced in someway. If we interpret "balanced" to mean an environment where the better player is always at an advantage, then this low of a score in this category is really worrying and suggests that players feel a lot is out of their control during a game. Accounting for Tera-types and all of the possible threats National Dex offers puts a huge strain how players are perceiving their own agency and this is something we must address going forward.

Where 1 represents not an issue in the metagame, and 5 represents being too overbearing, Dragapult was given on average a 2.97. This suggests that Players find Dragapult very strong but not an overwhelming presence on the metagame. This makes sense while Dragapult is still clearly very strong, it has a few things going against it compared to last generation where it ran rampant. Firstly, its not the best user of Tera as it usually favours Z-Move sets and its other sets generally speaking do not use Tera effectively either. Secondly, it got a few new checks this Generation, mainly Kingambit which is able to hard wall, trap, and revenge kill Dragapult relativley easily.

Zamazenta was given a slightly lower rating than Dragapult on average, clocking in at 2.60. As you can see from the graphs, Zamazenta was given way fewer ratings of 3,4, and 5 leading us to believe that most people find Zamazenta to be just about manageable in the metagame.

Espathra's scores were skewed much higher, scoring an average rating of 3.15. Over twice the amount of responses believed Espathra to be too much to handle in the metagame compared to Zamazenta, which is really concerning. After talking about Espathra with a lot of people in and outside of the council I personally believe this is because Espathra feels much worse to play against than anything else mentioned in the survey and the rate it just snowballs out of control is very frustrating. Whether it wins on the spot or not is often entirely dependant on its Tera type and since it can run 3-4 viably sometimes you just do not have the answer.

Rain was on average given the lowest score of any of the aspects we were evaluating, coming in at an average rating of 2.47. I believe players are starting to find better ways to answer rain, the rise in usage of Ferrothorn, various Tera Water Pokemon like Garganacl and Zamazenta etc and therefore not finding it as constricting as it was at the start of the generation. That being said answers to the follow up question " If you find Rain problematic, what in particular about rain do you think makes it an issue? " indicated that many people still have a problem with Rains strengths. The most common answer to the follow up question was the damage output of Tera Water Rain abusers like Floatzel and Barraskewda. Excluding Tera, the next most common answer was much less seen and suggested that Rains duration was an issue as it limited counterplay. As we previously voted on Damp Rock in a round of council bans, I believe we agree that would be the best way to target rain if it was deemed that action should be taken, so look out for something on that in the future. For now though, judging by the lower average rating we won't be addressing rain at this time.

The final question asked was:
Is there anything else not mentioned that you feel is problematic in the metagame? If so, what makes it problematic?
This question got a ton of varied responses so ill try and break down a few of the most common recurring ones.
1 - Tera
By far the most common answer to this question, around 60% of the responses mentioned Tera in some way being an issue. Since we just had a Tera suspect not long ago which ended in a No Ban Vote we aren't looking to retest it so soon but we are taking note of the change in community perception of the Tera Mechanic.
2 - Annihilape
A lot of people seem to take issue with Annihilape's ability to take advantage of passive Pokemon and completely nullify defensive counterplay. It's ability to utilise multiple good defensive Tera typings doesn't help either as that alleviates offensive counterplay as an option as well. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on Annihilape as the tier progresses.
3 - Cyclizar
I wasn't expecting to see this one bought up as much as it was but a lot of responses took issue with Cyclizars ability to consisently pass subs to Pokemon like Dragapult, Annihilape, and Espathra. Most of the justification for issues with Cyclizar seemed to stem from the fact that we are currently overrun with offensive threats and Cyclizar enables them to an absurd degree. We'll be keeping a close eye on Cyclizar to see if it continues to perform well when the top end of the offensive threats has been tested.
4 - Gholdengo
Gholdengo's ability to prevent hazard removal on top of already being an excellent pick thanks to its typing and offensive presence puts it at the top of some peoples radars. While I agree that Gholdengo is a fantastic Pokemon in the current metagame due to the fact that its a bulky Steel-type with recovery as well as utility options in Trick and Thunderwave, I do believe that our hazard removal options are well matched into Gholdengo for the time being. Removal options like Tornadus-T, Landorus-T, and Great Tusk can all generally pressure Gholdengo well enough to succesfully remove hazards most of the time. If this ceases to be the case though Gholdengo could definitley be worth considering for a suspect test.
5 - Chien Pao ????
There was a couple responses that bought up Chien Pao being too strong which I 100% agree with and thats why I voted to ban it during the council bans almost a month ago now. Seeing as it hasnt been in the tier since then I'm not sure what I think of it now but I'm inclined to agree with the stance I had back then.

That just about sums up the most important things from this survey, we closed the responses a little early in order to prepare this post and get ready for a suspect test very, very soon. Stay tuned!
Hello once again, we're back with another Tiering Survey. We have gone a little broader with this one as we believe that there are currently many potentially overbearing aspects effecting the metagame rather than just one or two, and would like to get peoples opinions on everything before we move forward with any tiering action.

The link to the survey can be found here

This survey will likely only be up until the end of the weekend as, depending on the results, we would like to settle any tiering action we may need to take before NDWC kicks off/gets to deep. Thanks for all your guys help and feedback during this quite volatile time for tiering, the survey results really do help give us direction!


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Hello everyone, I'd like to thank those who voted on the survey. This time we have received 170 votes, and while being less than the first survey, it's still a solid amount. There's nothing much else to add to this introduction, so let's get into the results, shall we?


The average response to how enjoyable do you find the metagame scored an average rating of 6.38, which while being a median amount is still concerning as it went down nearly a point from the last survey. With that being said, we understand threats like Walking Wake, Annihilape, and the elephant in the room, Terastallization, are some very controversial elements in the metagame at the moment which make it sometimes not very enjoyable, but rest assured there will be action taken.


The average response to how balanced do you find the metagame was just 5.21, meaning that a significant number of players find the metagame unbalanced in some way. From what this shows, there are several issues that must be dealt with, and it's worrying as well as this score once more suggests that there are elements out of player control when playing the tier. Terastallization is most definitely the biggest source of these concerns, and this is something we will be monitoring closely.


Firstly, Dragapult was given an overall average of 2.97, again! This shows that the playerbase finds Dragapult a strong force in the metagame, but nothing too overwhelming. This generation, Dragapult is still a solid and threatening Pokemon but does have more negative traits than it did last generation. For example, not utilizing Tera often as it usually wants to use Z-Moves, and even when it comes to its other sets, it's not the best Tera abuser either. It also has to deal with metagame forces like Kingambit who nearly fully blanks Dragapult, being able to revenge kill it and trap it as well. Common defensive Tera options like Fairy and Dark also give Dragapult some problems, albeit having opportunity cost for the opponent.


Annihilape was given a somewhat skewed score of 3.18, showing that the player base finds it quite problematic. Annihilape has been brought up a lot in discussion with the council, as it rightfully should, since it forces the opponent to play extremely passive in order to not let it snowball out of control. That quality is even harder to manage in tandem with relatively unpredictable defensive Tera types like Water, Fairy, or Fire. While counterplay has been found such as Toxic, Nasty Plot, or Taunt Tornadus-T and Toxic Gliscor, Annihilape has started to pair with clerics that get rid of its status issues or speed creep the latter, and often has teammates that can deal with Nasty Plot Tornadus-T such as Tapu Koko and Clodsire. Overall, Annihilape has little to no safe counterplay on slow, balanced playstyles and doesn't necessarily perform poorly into offensive playstyles either. It forces a large sense of passivity onto the opponent to the point where it is certainly a problem in the metagame.


Kingambit scored an average rating of 3.14. This shows that while Kingambit is a metagame staple due to the valuable traits it provides to nearly every teamstyle, it has some problems regarding Tera Dark and Supreme Overlord, and how often it is able to reverse sweep without much skill involved. Kingambit's ability generally reduces the cost of incorrect plays made by the user over the course of a game and boosts its damage output to a potentially unbalanced degree, so it's something that will be kept an eye on.


Walking Wake scored the highest on average, that being 3.46. Walking Wake has been a very controversial figure recently in National Dex, as it has little safe counterplay due to its extremely strong Protosythesis-boosted Hydro Steam and Draco Meteor, and even has Flamethrower for Pokemon who would otherwise take its STAB hits well like Ferrothorn. Other sets such as SubSunny have been experimented to take advantage of Pokemon like Toxapex and Garganacl and fire off its strong attacks behind a Substitute, making it hard to revenge kill and deal with in combination with Tera Dragon to break through Pokemon like Toxapex and sit on Ferrothorn and Rotom-W. Overall, Walking Wake is a very oppressive force that synergizes incredibly well with the two strongest weathers in the metagame. From a balance perspective, it is disliked by the community and council alike, and will most definitely have action taken on it in the near future.


Garganacl scored a relatively lower average in 2.77, showing that while Garganacl can be a little annoying at times due to Tera Water and Fairy with its Salt Cure + IDPress, Curse, or Protect sets, it is generally considered manageable in the eyes of the player base.


Heatran's vote was largely skewed towards balanced, having a 1.92 average rating. This shows that Heatran needs no action taken on it as of now, even if Tera Grass and Flying sets can be an annoyance at times.


Cyclizar's average rating was a 3.06, which mainly comes from the Shed Tail shenanigans it is able to pull off with Regenerator while also having a decent utility movepool in general. This rating is high but not entirely surprising and will be kept in mind for next tiering steps.


Rain was given an average score of 2.72, which is probably due to the playerbase finding ways to deal with rain, such as bulky playstyles with a weather disruptor like Hippowdon, Tera Water Pokemon like Garganacl and Zapdos, and the rise of Pokemon like Kyurem and Rillaboom, meaning that the playerbase seems to not struggle with Rain that much anymore. The follow up question to this was " If you feel that Rain is an issue, which part of rain specifically do you find to be problematic?", which does indicate that there are still some issues with certain aspects of Rain. The most common answer was STAB Tera Water abusers such as Floatzel, Barraskewda, Urshifu-R, and even rare abusers like Kingdra. The next two most common answers were Swift Swim and Damp Rock, which the former would be a complex ban, and the latter being a reasonable solution, as we previously voted on Damp Rock a few months back and agreed that it's the best solution when it comes to taking action on rain. However, with the somewhat lower average score rain has, we may not address it at the moment as we continue to monitor how the metagame progresses.


Hyper offense scored an average rating of 3.19. This is likely due to the abundance of set up sweepers, ranging from Volcarona, Mega Gyarados, Iron Valiant, Dragapult, Gholdengo, Annihilape, Mega Scizor, Dragonite, Latios, and more that are amplified by elements like Shed Tail and screens, making them very threatening and often able to find free set-up turns. As such, the follow up question was " If you feel that Hyper Offense is an issue, which part of HO specifically do you find problematic? " The most common answer was Tera set-up sweepers, as a majority of the aforementioned set-up sweepers often utilize Tera to perform their sweep and become very large nuisances as a result. The second most common answer was Shed Tail, and the council agrees that Shed Tail is indeed a large problem regarding hyper offense due to the degeneracy of the Hyper Offense playstyle it enables with these team structures becoming increasingly linear. After OU's recent banning of the move, there will most likely be action taken on this to address the concerns the player base has with Hyper Offense.


Tera scored an average of 7.09, showing that the community believes that Terastallization certainly enables some problematic aspects of the National Dex tier. The player base has previously made its decision regarding Tera in National Dex. However, the council will continue to monitor how these opinions evolve over time. We encourage anyone with thoughts or opinions on Terastallization in our tier to share them in our Tera discussion thread here.

That just about sums up the most important results from this survey. We will be moving quickly to take action on the issues identified here, so stay tuned!


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Hello hello, it's that time of the year again. With Tera's place in the metagame now cemented, we've put together a fairly extensive tiering survey so that we can get your thoughts on the appropriate next steps for National Dex OU's metagame. Please make sure you read through the survey carefully, not all questions require a response. You can check that out at the link here. We look forward to reading your responses. There will also be a summary of responses as per usual in the next few days depending on how quickly we receive an appropriate amount.


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As we're wrapping up our first community survey following the Tera re-test, I want to thank everyone who participated. We had a tremendous turnout with 204 total responses. I'm also happy that we were able to extend this survey to the Chinese community thanks to the help of a recently formed CN translation team (KarpeSan hi.naming is hard Slowpoke Fan AL). Your help is greatly appreciated. Now, on to the survey results!

Screenshot 2023-07-27 192607.png

Screenshot 2023-07-27 193910.png

We asked you how enjoyable you find the current National Dex metagame as well as how balanced you find it and received an average response of 6.03 out of 10 on enjoyability and 4.92 out of 10 on balance. With both of these numbers slightly down from our previous survey, it's clear that there is still much work to be done in developing this metagame. Certain tiering decisions have been delayed pending the fate of Tera in National Dex, and now that we have a final decision on that topic, we will be moving quickly to improve the meta as best we can with the help of the following feedback from all of you:

Screenshot 2023-07-27 194930.png

We asked you how necessary it is to take action on Kingambit in National Dex and received an average response of 3.68 out of 5.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 201338.png

We asked you how necessary it is to take action on Dragapult in National Dex and received an average response of 3.13 out of 5.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 202932.png

We asked you how necessary it is to take action on Gholdengo in National Dex and received an average response of 2.79 out of 5.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 203229.png

We asked you how necessary it is to take action on Sneasler in National Dex and received an average response of 3.42 out of 5.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 203448.png

We asked you how necessary it is to take action on Iron Valiant in National Dex and received an average response of 2.36 out of 5.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 203614.png

We asked you how necessary it is to take action on Zamazenta in National Dex and received an average response of 2.85 out of 5.


Regarding the questions on the topic of suspect testing vs. council voting: For all Pokémon polled, responses averaged approximately 66% (2/3 of voters) or greater in favor of suspect testing. As such, any immediate tiering action following this survey will be conducted through a standard suspect testing method.


In the free response section, the following were the most notable responses:

Garganacl 18 mentions

Cresselia: 15 mentions

Stored Power: 14 mentions (some responses were counted for both Cress and Stored Power if both were mentioned and there was an expressed desire for one of the two to be picked for tiering action)

Volcarona: 15 mentions

Tapu Lele: 7 mentions


This is the complete breakdown of the responses from our most recent tiering survey. Thank you everyone who contributed. There will be tiering action in the very near future and more to come after that so stay tuned :)
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SV DLC is here and that means another survey for National Dex! I hope you've all had a chance to gather your thoughts on the new DLC changes and their impact on the metagame. This survey follows more or less the same format as usual, but pls take the time to read carefully regardless so that your responses are submitted correctly. Looking forward to hearing from you, and you can expect survey results early this weekend!
Hey guys its been about a week and since we wanted to wrap up this survey before the end of the NDPL week in case we wanted to take any tiering action, I'm here with the results so lets go through the NDOU Post DLC1 Survey results.

Enjoyment scored on average a 6.03, identical to the last score it received on the survey prior. This is still lower than we would like to see but at least it is consistent. From here on we are going to be working hard to raise this score so hopefully we can see an improvement ahead of next survey.

Balance scored a dismal 4.14 this time, even lower than the score we were not happy with last survey. This was somewhat to be expected as we released this survey as a gauge for how to deal with the plethora of potentially "broken" threats the DLC had dropped on us, as well as the ones that were present beforehand. These low scores make it clear, the community wants more tiering action on the top end of the metagame. We are taking this to heart, expect to see the balls start rolling very shortly.

Time for the Pokemon we were looking at. The survey asked you to score them from 1-5, with 1 being tiering action is not required, and 5 being tiering action is required immediately. With that in mind, here are the results:

Baxcalibur got an average score of 3.2, suggesting that the community largely thinks this is a threat worth looking at, but maybe not as a matter of urgency. Bax got some good new tools with the DLC additions which definitely make it much better than it was prior and it has been making major waves along with its partner in crime Ninetales-A. We will be keeping an eye on Baxcalibur closely but do not believe it needs urgent attention at this point.

Next up is Gholdengo, which scored on average, 3.16. This is a marginal increase since the last suspect but still suggests that the community is on the fence with Gholdengo still. While some of us think it could be a great suspect target at some point down the line, we don't believe Gholdengo urgently requires council attention in the form of a Quickban vote, which seems to line up with the community consensus these results show too. Everyone's favorite cheese string will remain on the radar for now.

Sneasler next with a nice round average of 3. Much like Gholdengo and Baxcalibur before it, this suggests to us that Sneasler should be watched and kept a close eye on for any potential future suspects. From conversations with other council members and in the community, it is evident Sneasler's score hinges heavily on Gholdengo's fate, so if one goes the other might not be far behind. We will definitely be keeping this in mind going forward.

Iron Valiant had the 2nd lowest average of all the Pokemon we covered in this survey, coming in with an average of 2.21. This suggests that the community believes Iron Valiant is not a priority at the minute, and as a result of that we'll be focusing on other Pokemon for the time being.

Ursaluna had the lowest score this time around, clocking in at 2.05. Since it made bail from Ubers prison it seems to have made its home nicely in the tier and isnt causing too many issues. We'll leave this bear alone for the time being.

This bear also didnt score too highly, ending up with an average of 2.96. Our general consensus within the council seems to be that this isnt the meta for Blood Moon, as its just too offensive at the minute. Blood Moon could thrive if we see the meta go back to the slightly more Balance-centric metagame with fat win-cons however, as it has an incredible matchup vs those teams. We'll keep an eye on it for now but don't believe any urgent action is needed just yet.

We could see this one coming; Ogerpon-Hearthflame scored a whopping 4.29 on this survey. It has been public enemy #1 since the DLC dropped and for good reason, it constricts teambuilding incredibly hard and makes progress very easily thanks to all of the free stat boosts it gets from Hearthflame Mask and its Embody Aspect. Mold Breaker is just the cherry on top. The early allegations that it was nigh uncounterable I believe were a little farfetched, as we've seen some good adaptations to it over the past week. The question is are these adaptations too much for one Pokemon to force and the community seems to believe this is the case.

As a result of this, we will be voting on Ogerpon Hearthflame tonight, ahead of the next week of NDPL. Expect to see council vote results some point this evening.

And lastly, Roaring Moon had a slightly different question and scale. It scored a 3.91 which suggests that the majority of the community wish to see it tested back down into the tier in some fashion sooner rather than later. We held off on unbanning Roaring Moon alongside Ursaluna as it received a couple pretty major additions in the DLC, but we are taking into account the community wants to see Roaring Moon looked at in some fashion soon.

We are currently deciding whether we want to suspect some more threats out of the tier before looking at bringing Moon back in, or just throwing Moon back in.
Personally I believe the prior option will result in a more stable and balanced metagame for longer but we are actively discussing which to go with as a result of such a skewed community outcry.

No patterns really stuck out in the free responses section of the survey, however, some recurring names were Urshifu, Ogerpon-Wellspring, Base Ogrepon, and Mega Metagross(?!?!). As the tier continues to develop we will be watching these closely and may ask for further community opinion on them in the future.

For drops such as Mega Metagross and others that came up, we would like the tier to be in a stable place before looking any further into them, which as the Balance score showed on this survey, we arent anywhere near yet.

Thank you for reading this and everyone who voted, look out for the Ogerpon-Hearthflame council votes some point tonight and keep eyes peeled for suspects in the near future beyond that!


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In preparation for the ND kickoff tour, we've decided to close the survey slightly earlier than normal to allow for the potential for a quick decision from the council before the tournament. With just over 200 responses, here were the results:


Average player enjoyment came to around 6.88/10, the highest of any survey so far since the initial survey almost a year ago. This can be largely attributed to the new DLC and the introduction to new, yet not overwhelming, Pokemon that are being used and experimented with. Ideally we aim to continue pursuing tiering decisions to increase flexibility.


Balance came at a round 6, following a general trend of balance being lower than enjoyability throughout the generation but still being well above the previous survey results. This indicates that the tier has been in a relatively peaceful state following continued introduction of banworthy Pokemon through DLC, coupled wit none of the new additions being overbearing by any means, as shown by the following results:


Raging Bolt scored an average of 2.04/5, suggesting that while this Pokemon has the potential to be a threat, the general community deems it to be managable for the time being.


Gouging Fire displayed a slightly higher average of 2.57, as its Dragon Dance sets coupled with either Booster Energy or Dragonium Z have the potential to be quite deadly amongst its tremendous natural bulk. However, its Stealth Rock weakness coupled with difficulty fitting all its desired moves somewhat hold it back. There is a chance that we may revisit this as the tier evolves and more innovations with sets and tera types are explored, however.


Just above Gouging Fire was Iron Boulder, with the highest score out of all introduced Pokemon with a score of 2.58. Its Booster Energy sets have already demonstrated potential to clean weakened teams effortlessly with its speed eclipsing even Iron Valiant and a range of tera types to avoid its weaknesses. However, its potential overreliance on tera coupled with difficulty positioning it into setting up holds it back from being potentially broken.


Iron Crown came at a comically low score of 1.51, which makes sense as its role has been largely relegated to Specially Defensive pivot sets to handle the likes of Tapu Lele with very low potential to become dangerous in its own right.


Returning to old Pokemon, Ogerpon-Wellspring came with the highest score in the survey of 2.79, a result of gradual disdain over how it constricts building between forcing tera Dragon on defensive Pokemon such as Alomomola and Slowking-Galar and having the movepool flexibility to shut down checks between the likes of Taunt, Play Rough, and Superpower. The council is quite likely to look into this in the foreseeable future.


Tapu Lele scored a 2.63 on its first survey appearance this generation, with its signature choiced sets being just as dangerous as always while non-choiced sets including Assault Vest or Z-Moves rising in popularity as people have begun to exploit its lock with cores such as Slowking-Galar alongside Mega Tyranitar. However, counterplay does still exist, both offensive and defensive, and its long-standing presence as a staple in the tier means we will likely hold off on the island guardian for now.


Iron Valiant showed a slightly higher average than last survey of 2.36, yet likely still not enough to justify action being taken right now.

Forms response chart. Question title: Gliscor. Number of responses: 206 responses.

Similarly, Gliscor came with an average of 2.34, as while the Swords Dance sets became somewhat controversial in the late stages of DLC1, the added power level coupled with general adaptations have pushed it away from people's radar.

Forms response chart. Question title: Should the council suspect down Darkrai into OU?. Number of responses: 206 responses.

The people have spoken and Darkrai came with strong support to be unbanned at a score of 3.41, with a sizable amount being strongly in favour of giving it a chance. Given that Darkrai has made a home in SV OU, it makes sense that the playerbase here want to see how it interacts with Z-Moves granting it more power, but an increased pool of revenge killers. As such, the council may vote to take action on Darkrai in the foreseeable future.

Forms response chart. Question title: Should the council suspect down Roaring Moon into OU?. Number of responses: 206 responses.

Roaring Moon also displayed a similar score to Darkrai at 3.23, again with it being relatively tame at the moment in SV OU and it being banned very early in National Dex's lifespam and not being granted a second chance since.

Forms response chart. Question title: Should the council suspect down Mega Metagross into OU?. Number of responses: 206 responses.

Mega Metagross came with a relatively lower score of 2.89 compared to the other two candidates for unban. With the buffs it received through Knock Off, Psychic Fangs, and Heavy Slam, this opens up its set flexibility even more than before. However, its classic issues of 4-Moveslot Syndrome persist alongside the potential of the above Dark-types acting as potential revenge killers, so we may revisit this Pokemon in the future.

Most Pokemon didn't see too many other mentions. Tera saw some mentions once again, although we would rather take care of Pokemon at the moment given it has already survived two suspect tests. Some people wished for unbans such as Gholdengo and Walking Wake, as the former was banned by a hair while the latter was banned before both DLCs, including the introduction of Chilly Reception Glowking.
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As the third week of National Dex World Cup comes to a close, the OU Council would also like to take the time to survey the player base once again. As per usual, we would like to know your thoughts on the current National Dex OU metagame, and we have included response sections for two Pokémon that we feel deserve particular scrutiny. You can find a link to the survey below, this time including a built in Chinese translation. Big thanks to our translation team for helping with that. I look forward to reading all of your responses.

This survey will close in one week on April 21st at 11:59 PM GMT -4
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